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Idler Manufacturing Industries (IMI)
IMI,  established in 1999  has always  strived to manufacture  and market  superior quality, well priced Idlers & frames that meets all SABS standards.
IMI has  always  used the highest  quality materials and over the years has  built an outstanding name in the idler industry.

In 2008 NC IDLERS was established and started to revolutionise IMIíS manufacturing techniques by moving away from the conventional manual manufacturing of idlers, to an industry first fully automated plant, that produces a far superior product at a much reduced price. NC IDLERS produces all standard idlers that are SABS approved. Being a fully automated plant, NC idlers has the added benefit of every Idler coming off the production line, meeting SABS quality standards with no human error.
NC IDLERS has the capacity to produce 1000 idlers per day making sure we have one of the industries best production times.

Quality Control
As a SABS listed company NC IDLERS operates a quality management system.
Every shift the Quality manager, who has over 15 years experience in the industry, takes a number of Idlers from the production line and performs the required tests as per SABS standards. Should a problem arise the production line is stopped immediately, and not restarted until the problem has been resolved.

OUR TEAM/ Manufacturing
The Managing Director with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry, the Technical Manager a qualified Mechatronic Engineer, the Workshop manager with a vast amount of manufacturing experience, the Quality manager with over 15 years experience in the idler industry and the highly trained staff that work with them, are all dedicated to produce the highest quality product in the industry.
It is because of the vast amount of experience in many fields of engineering that the NC IDLER management Team has been able to revolutionise the conventional manual idler manufacturing process and have created an industry first, fully automated Idler manufacturing plant, that produces a far superior and vastly improved repetitive quality Idler, that other manufacturers would find difficult to compete with.
With NC IDLERS being able to produce up to 4000 Idlers per day there is no job too big and customers can be assured of high quality fast service.

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